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Meet karla

I am a badass oily babe! I'm passionate about choosing natural, safe products for my home and body. When I discovered the uplifting, yet equally grounding effects of essential oils I knew I had found something special. I began incorporating oils into the products I use and cleaning regimes. I continue to be blown away by the ease and results so I decided to jump on board as a Young Living Independent Distributor (#16499395) to share my passion with fellow badass'! 

Throughout my life I've been plagued with many digestive issues. Lactose intolerance, gluten sensitivities, allergies, you name it, it's upset my tummy. This forced me to research the ingredients in my foods and products and become familiar with their properties. The more I learned the more passionate I became about mindfully selecting what chemicals came in contact with my life. Natural products and essential oils have helped me live a relatively symptom free life. 

I am the mother of an enthusiastic young boy. When I'm not chasing after him I enjoy spending time creating products and nourish my creativity through jewelry and experimenting with home made health "Koncoctions". I am a tea connoisseur, and a fresh juice lover.  I keep my body moving with fitness and yogaNow I've started a new podcast! Yup that's right you can now stream The Answer is Elephant on all major platforms. "Let's get well together" 

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Another passion of mine is the practice of Float Therapy. I am an avid floater and part owner of a home-based float studio called oGoFloat in Penticton, BC.  If you are not familiar with this incredibly powerful wellness tool I recommend you visit  oGoFloat's website and find the float center nearest you!