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About Me


Meet karla

Hi my name is Karla Turner,  an everyday Mama creating balance and wellness in my life. Thriving to help others do the same. 

Allowing an open heart to guide my way through different movement and healing practices. Now I am bringing those findings to others.

The biggest area of difficulty in my life was my sleep. Without a proper nights sleep, how was I going to reach my full potential of being? Fast forward years of research and schooling and you get my own crafted Deeper Sleep Method.

This method is been proven to give you the tools to heal from the monsters under your bed. Allowing you to be more lively during the day, while bring more joy in into each moment. 

CLICK HERE to download your copy of the Deeper Sleep Method and see how we can work together to give you a more restful sleep, and powerful day. 

Thank you for choosing me to be a part of your sleep recovery. 

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Another passion of mine is the practice of Float Therapy. I am an avid floater and part owner of a home-based float studio called oGoFloat in Penticton, BC.  If you are not familiar with this incredibly powerful wellness tool I recommend you visit oGoFloat's website and find the float center nearest you!  

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