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Meet karla

Hi my name is Karla Turner, Holistic Practitioner & Guide. Creating balance and wellness in life,  & thriving to help others do the same.

Karla has been creating ways to make her biggest life struggles into some of her biggest life joys. Finding ways to feel a pure joy from within, regardless of exterior influences.

To find a pure joy that comes from within, one must first take a trip through their darkest shadowed paths. Karla has done and continues to do this work because of the benefits she sees from it. Benefits for herself, as well as the people she works work.

Joy is held with the Chakra's and it doesn't come without the rest of the human emotions. There for to create a healthy Chakra Connection practice to key to finding your authentic joy!

Join Karla in 2024 as she explores the 7 main Chakras of the human system. With events, products, healings, courses; and more you won't want to miss out on this thrilling time!

about Partners

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Another passion of mine is the practice of Float Therapy. I am an avid floater and part owner of a home-based float studio called oGoFloat in Penticton, BC.  If you are not familiar with this incredibly powerful wellness tool I recommend you visit oGoFloat's website and find the float center nearest you!  

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With every purchase made we donate underwear to organizations who support those in vulnerable communities across Canada. We have set a goal to donate over 500,000 pairs of underwear in the next 10 years.

We believe that new, clean underwear is a basic human necessity. The simple gift of clean underwear provides an opportunity for self-care, health, and well-being.


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