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Sleep Focused Reiki Case Study Report

The findings from:

Sleep Focused Reiki Case Study

Do you know those times when you hear what the universe has for you, and you listen with full trust. This case study was one of those times. I’ve been asked many times “What made you do a case study?” So let’s start there. One evening during a grounding and clearing meditation that I do after each Reiki session, I heard the voice of one of my guides. Not sure who or from where, and I thank you just the same! The voice said “You should do a sleep case study”. And the only response I knew to say was “Sure, what’s a case study?”.

As I prepare for something that I have no idea about, I realize I am calm. In the past, this type of situation would have sent me into a spiral trying to prepare for something that “I don’t know”. Yet now I feel a calm. This is the right path and I will be guided along the way. So with a trust in myself, guides, and a lot of help from Canva, I went on my way to create a case study.

Building a case study

Like with anything new, I sit and listen. Meditation is a way for me to connect; by connecting with myself, guides, spirits, and whoever/whatever else wants to come share their support. During this time I was able to discover that I was being guided to help people have a better night’s sleep. That was honestly all I knew before starting this journey. Trusting that I would figure it out along the way, I started thinking “What are tools that I use for sleep?” And “What would I be looking for with a better sleep?” With that I added myself to the list of participants.

Here is where Canva gets credit. Searching different research papers, school worksheets, reports, and so on, I was able to create more tools to help us dig deeper and uncover more. With all I do, intention setting is continuing to prove its importance in healing. I also created some imaging and fun stuff to also help everyone. (Note: I did all of this on the free account, which you can too!) The work was flowing out of me as if I had been doing case studies my whole life. To this day I still have no idea what a “real” case study looks like but I know what my case study is and keeps growing into. So the study built itself and I took my place as a vessel for the healing energy that is Reiki.

It was set up that each person would receive one online Reiki session per week, adding two group sessions on the Full and New Moons. The sessions were held at 8:37 pm giving the participants a chance to fall asleep during the session and stay asleep. One of the blessings of online healings is there is no driving after the session when you're in a mindset to sleep. Each person in the study chose to also receive the healings of journaling, tarot card readings, frequency sound healing, and a detailed report after. Some sessions were also accompanied by breathwork, coaching, plant medicine, and anything else we found useful in these catered healings.

The flow of the study

Following the first week of sessions I was starting to learn why this study was important and why I was guided to creating it. Even just in the first session, people were having better sleeps. It was easy to see that setting the intention for your healing can really make your sessions that much more powerful.

After the second week we were seeing some massive shifts. Participants had more energy throughout the day, better focus and were able to get more tasks completed. Sleeps were becoming longer, more peaceful. We were starting to see some underlining issues of what was really keeping us up at night.

The second week ended with the Full Moon group session. I was so excited as this was first group session! It felt like butterflies and fireworks, I was like a little girl at Disney Land. Bringing the group’s energies together ended up being a remarkable way to find some self reflection time for each person. Having the shared energy of such loving souls also brought the healing to a very different level. I felt a glowing gratitude towards these souls for allowing me to be a part of that moment. This was a very special time as the group all stated they enjoyed the shared space. In different ways, each individual was able to receive personal healing. We also all healed as a group, raising our vibrations together as a whole and sending the positive energy out to the world to unite as one.

Throughout week three, detox was the name of the game. With shifts in the universe and healing in the works, bodies were now able to relax sooner, welcome dreams for the first time in years for some. For others the dreams were being remembered better, were more vivid and more frequent. We were really able to see the self love dedication pay off from the participants. Some thought the worksheets had become a practice they looked forward to and they saw the results.

Week four was a turning point in another thrilling way. As we had now been working through some deep rooted traumas, there were a lot of emotions and a lot of energies. This was really when the outside world started to take note of the positive benefits of the case study. Family and friends started asking what was contributing to the lifted moods, deeper focus, and elevated peace of mind.

With our closing session on the New Moon as another group session we were joined by Sonic DJ - Mike The Schwartz. We really went deeply into the Root during the changing lunar. The group overall felt a sense of “release” and carrying with them these new mindsets, tools, and healings. Having these sessions were building blocks to new relationships with sleep and with themselves.

The stats

How did you find the quality of sessions?

75% Excellent, I’m booking again!

25% Very Good

Did you get what you expected from the case study?

100 % Even more

How are your dreams now vs before?

100% Remembering more

75% More vivid

75% More frequent

How is your energy/mood during the day?

100 % Better, let’s do this!

How do you find your quality of sleep after vs before?

100% Longer

75% Deeper

50% At peace

Did you find Karla’s reports helpful?

100 % Yes

Would you recommend this study to a friend?

100 % Yes

Would you do this study again?

100 % Yes

My Experience

Doing this case study gave my life more purpose. Doing something as simply as helping others sleep, can change your life just as much as theirs. I put myself in this case study as the practitioner and as a participant. Self Reiki has been a tricky balance for myself. This study showed me how to be present in the session more. I was blessed to see both sides of this study in completely different ways. I was right there with the group, growing and healing. I was right there with the group holding and caring.

Seeing the drive that each person had to make their lives better was remarkable. Each person was filling me with inspiration and a push to make my life all that it can be.

My sleep is continuing to improve. I am dreaming for the first time in years. The first time I had to take a moment to even remember what a dream felt like.

Throughout the four weeks I found an increased healing, more frequent grounding, and deeper sleep. With these I become more of my authentic self. This is the me I am meant to be; the me I am. I am forever grateful to the other participants for giving me the opportunity to aid in your healing and thrive better in our day to day life.

Let’s Get Well Together,

Karla Turner

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