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Camp Fire

The tribe

Life is all about tribe and team work. Here are some of the people that I have found along my path. I have thriving people in my address book, now you can can access as well.

If you would like to partner up with me drop me a line here



Coachrane, AB 

LifeCraft was founded from a belief that human beings are beings of purpose. We all have a unique collection of gifts, passions, skills, interests, motivations and experiences, and at the intersection of these is purpose. When we express our unique purpose in service of others, we gain access to the highest meaning of and fulfilment available to us as human beings, and we manifest the abundance in our lives too.  

We become Fully Human.




Offering healthy lunches, smoothies, fresh juices, snacks, juice cleanses, supplements, and more!


Mike The Schwartz

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oGo Float

Penticton, BC

oGoFloat is expertly designed to provide a distraction free, completely weightless environment. Your mind and body Relax Harder with each breath; your spirit grows with each float. Float therapy dissolves stress that you didn't know you were holding and lifts your soul with salty serenity. 

Take a break from processing the constant external sensory input of daily lives and open space for healing, meditation, problem solving, and so much more.

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